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Noni Juice for TB Tuberculosis Disease Treatment

Noni Juice for TB Tuberculosis Disease Treatment

Akangcha Limbu - London - UK,

My wife was actually the one who recommended me regarding noni.

A year ago around April I (Akangcha Limbu) was Diagnosed with TB (Tuberculosis) Disease when I found out I was very devastated because having lived in London. I did not expect to have TB. After many investigation finally they started my TB Treatment which lasted six months.

The Medicines make my body weak and worse, I was off from work very unwell & unfit. I always felt lethargic, out of breath, felt dizzy all the time and on top of that I looked so pale as if I was LifeLess.

My mother in law was very worried about me and then she recommend me about noni which she recently had been to a seminar. So I just went for it - ordered Apollo Noni Juice without knowing that how it will be, how noni works on my TB (Tuberculosis),

I started taking noni everyday consistently, months passed by,

Noni has helped me on many ways. I started to feel the changes that was a good change. I felt more energetic and active, better and healthier life again.

I was also having Joint Pain in my knees, after using noni, It was very less / intensity of pain was very low.

Before I couldn't even run for a minute let alone going to gym. Now I go for a run, go to gym, can do exercise and I believe it's because of consistently taking Apollo Noni Juice Regularly.

I hope after reading my testimonial people will get inspired and know the benifits of noni.