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What is Noni ?

noni juice and health benefits

What is noni? (noni kya hai)
Noni – Nature’s healthiest fruit on earth. Noni Ras | Organic Noni Juice has been used by ancient times and even people nowadays are also taking noni juice advantages / benefits of noni juice made from noni fruit – Morinda Citrifolia (Noni’s botanical name) found from noni plant. Noni Juice recommended by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam
noni in india / noni kaha paya jata hai / noni tree

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Noni health benefits, Noni juice benefits & Noni benefits is not just limited to health but ultra for skin care, apollo noni has developed amazing best noni skin care products and body care products using noni extract, noni ingredients or fermented noni like: noni face wash, noni cream, noni soap, noni bodywash / shower gel, lip balm, noni black hair shampoo, noni oil for hair / noni hair oil, noni black hair magic, noni hair color, noni glow face oil. Noni leaf tea made from natural noni leaves benefits of it for Hair & Skin is tremendous.

Noni name meaning / noni other names:
Noni fal / noni fruit in hindi name and meaning: आल aal, बारतुन्डी bartundi
Noni english name : Morinda Citrifolia
noni fruit in gujarati name : સુરંગી surangi
noni in tamil:

Common Name(s)
Noni is also known as morinda, ach, achi, anino, awltree, bengkudu, bo-aal, caribe te, dilo-K, hag apple, hog apple, ice leaf, Indian mulberry, kura, mengkoedoe, mengkudu, minamaram, Morinda littoralis, mulberry, eagugu, nhau, nui, nho, nhor, prey, nhor, thom, noko, nona, noni, nono, nonu, nuna, oko, pain killer, patje, pemii, riro, ruibarbo, te non, rra, yeiawa harachan, and yo.

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Noni orac value plays vital roal to give health benefits – noni ras ke fayde – noni syrup benefits:
Noni well-vital drink & Noni juice helps to treat many of health related issues like Noni Juice Cancer, noni juice diabetes, noni juice for thyroid, noni juice for lungs, Noni juice effects on kidney, noni juice eczema, noni juice effect on liver, noni juice joint pain, noni juice libido, noni juice for skin, noni juice lower blood pressure.

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How to use drink Noni juice dosage per day / noni juice ko kaise piye:
Drinking noni juice empty stomach or noni juice before bed gives better results. Just take 30ml of noni juice and 60ml of warm water, mix it properly and drink it 🙂

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