Apollo Noni is a leader in manufacturing and marketing Noni Juice & Other Noni Products, marked with quality and trust gained through more than 9 years of experience. Today Apollo Noni’s products are available for people in many countries across the world, helping them move towards a Healthy, Natural and Holistic lifestyle for Health and Wellness of our customers and their family which enhance the mind, body and spirit.

Apollo Noni’s overseas business has, over the years, transformed from being a small operation into a multi-location businessspanning the India, Nepal, Ghana, Nigeria, West Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam, Georgia, Malaysia, Guyana, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, UAE , Dubai. The overseas business has been growing.


If you are looking for Business Opportunities or collaborations with Apollo Noni in any of the following areas, Email us at to enter your details:

– Overseas Dealership / International Franchisee for Noni Juice Products
– Overseas Distributorship of Noni Juice Products
– C&F Agency
– Raw material sourcing
– Technical Collaboration
– Research Collaboration
– Sponsorships

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