Introducing Pure Raw Dry / Dried Organic Noni Powder. One of the most incredible foods on Earth has just been transformed into one of the most Ormus-rich superfoods ever! The traditional healers of Polynesia relied upon Noni (Morinda citrifolia) for its benefits to immunity above all other healing herbs.

Our Noni Fruit Powder is 100% Natural, with nothing added and as little as possible taken away. Dry Noni Powder is a valuable source of antioxidants rich Superfood Powder, Vitamins and Minerals to. A great addition to your smoothie or yogurt recipes. It’s drum-dried; a process that removes moisture from the fruit at a very low heat. This allows the powder to retain the nutritional benefits of the raw Noni Fruit, helping to boost energy and support a healthy immune system, digestive system and increase your energy and vitality.

Our Noni Powder has the same essential elements as Our Juice. The only difference is that the Noni Juice is absorbed right away and the powder is time released as it passes through the digestive system.

If there is one superfood that can offer a wide range of support for overall body health its Noni Powder. Noni has been called the “queen of health plants,” and it provides support for a healthy immune system. Our Noni Powder contains a unique polysaccharide that facilitates normal cell tissue growth. Combine these health benefits with a rich supply of antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, and minerals and you’ve got the perfect nutritional supplement.

Because of our dedication to purity, it takes 8 Kilograms of Noni fruit to make 500 gm. of powder. We use only the pure Noni pulp, no seeds!

Modern research has confirmed ancient wisdom:
~ Noni has one of the highest levels of polysaccharides of any food known to modern science.

~ Polysaccharides are long chain sugars which naturally occur in a wide variety of different shapes.

~ Each shape matches up with a specific type of immune cell, producing a specific immune response for each type of immune cell. The polysaccharides in Noni work directly on white blood cells, increasing their ability to rid the body of foreign bacteria and destroy pathogens. Increases in the efficiency of our white blood cells may lead to significant improvements in well-being and increases in energy levels.

A Full-Spectrum Healer
Our Noni Powder is the perfect supplement for full-spectrum healing and wellness. Rarely do you see a superfood with such a broad range of nutritional benefits, especially in a 100% natural, plant-based powder. Traditional Polynesian healers have known the benefits of the Noni fruit for more than 2000 years. Our Noni Powder brings to you what the West is just recently discovering; the medicinal powers of the “queen of health plants.”

A Rich Source of Polysaccharides
Our Noni Powder is a potent source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and polysaccharides, such as Noni-ppt, which has been found to support healthy cellular tissue growth and strengthen the immune system. Our Noni Powder contains the polysaccharide, 6-D-glucopyranose pentaacetate, which enhances the “destroying power” of white blood cells and makes them more effective in fighting bacteria and disease.

Supporting the Immune System
The production of T cells is critical for immune system support, and our Noni Powder supercharges the body, creating an environment for healthy T cell growth. Noni also acts as an antiseptic, utilizing two vital substances, limonene and anthraquinones, to aid in boosting compromised immune systems.

The Endless Benefits of Noni Powder
Our Noni Powder contains 17 of the 20 known amino acids, nine of which are considered essential. Athletes have found that consuming Noni Powder helps their muscles to recovery more easily after exercise.

The healing powers of our Noni Powder are endless. Noni has been used effectively to soothe achy muscles, decrease chronic pain, and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. A chemical substance present in our Noni Powder, scopoletin, has shown to have anti-inflammatory properties. Xeronine, another critical compound in our Noni Powder, promotes cell rejuvenation and normal growth.

The health benefits of our Noni Powder don’t end there. Terpine, an important substance found in our Noni Powder, assists in full-body detoxification, and the mineral selenium promotes good skin health and elasticity.

Modern-day medical professionals have praised Noni for its ability to support a healthy cardiovascular system, reduce the risk of stroke, and regulate blood pressure. Our Noni Powder can be a great partner in fighting depression, memory loss, and lack of mental acuity.

The Powers of Noni Make Their Way to the West
The Noni fruit comes from a tropical tree that is indigenous to Polynesia, in particular Islands of Tahiti and Hawaii. The Noni tree begins as a small flowering shrub and produces egg-shaped fruit that have a pungent odor. Ancient Polynesian travelers made sure to always save room for the mighty Noni fruit on their voyages. The fruit’s buoyant seeds were often carried across ocean currants, thus the pollination of the powerful Noni in new lands.

Our Noni Powder is gently dried from fruit that was picked at the peak of its nutritional cycle. We process our Noni Powder at low temperatures, to ensure that the health benefits of the fruit remain in tact. Enjoy our versatile Noni Powder in your energy shakes, granolas, juices, and more!

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