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Geo Super Berry Juice

Super Berry Juice For Immunity, Beauty And Healthy Heart


Geo Super Berry Juice 500ml


Geo Berry Natural Health Drink – Nature’s powerful Super Food
Order for 1 Geo Berry Juice of 500ml.

Product Description

Geo Supper berry is made with the unique blend of 14 Super-berries includes some of the best and most nutritious superfoods on the planet for healthy skin, hair and nails! High in key Vitamins & Minerals such as Vitamin C, Zinc, Copper and Calcium.

Includes powerful superfoods for your daily antioxidant boost:
Acai Berry,Black Berry , Elder Berry ,Goji Berry, Raspberry , strawberry, cran berry, Blue Berry, Black currant,Red Current,Goose Berry , cherry, Tayberry, Mulberry, Aloe Vera & Honey ,Aqueous Base Q.S. Colour : Carmosine

Make the most out of your workout and give your muscles the energy they need to recover, give you quick acces to carbs after your workout.

Forget nasty additivies, our Recovery Aminos gives you what your body needs after a workout for a clean recovery

Simply mix into water, smoothies, yoghurt or even porridge!


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