Apollo Noni Juice is surely the safest and most cost-effective method of buying Noni juice. Only by purchasing Apollo Noni can guarantee you to receive the maximum health benefits from this “tree of life”, without wasting money on additives.

When buying Noni Juice, you bypass all the marketing and advertising hype, because you will know:

» Exactly what you are getting, only Pure Noni Juice.
» That the product has not been diluted or adulterated
» The efficacy has not been compromised.
» You are receiving the maximum Health Benefits of Noni Juice.
» Noni Juice is how the ancients drank their juice as well

Understanding pure Noni Juice:

How Noni Juice is made!

Fully ripe Noni fruits from the “tree of life” are aged for at least 20 days, and then the pure organic Noni juice is pressed from the resultant puree`. This Apollo Noni Juice is then pasteurized and bottled.

Your Daily Noni Juice drink;

When we begin to understand how adding Apollo Noni Juice to our daily diets can immeasurably improve our state of health — We can see no justifiable reason to add anything to this natural product. If taste becomes an issue — Simply drink anything that you do like, straight after your daily shot of Apollo Noni Juice.

Why we only sell 100% Pure Noni Juice from India;

1) Apollo Noni Juice is the Best Noni Juice Brands tasting in the whole of India!!
If you have ever had the opportunity to taste other Noni juices from India, you will agree 100% with this statement.

2) The Apollo Noni Juice is organic, contain all the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, nutrients and trace elements that make their Apollo Noni Juice the best in the world.

The question is — why do some suppliers dilute or mix other products with pure Noni juice?

Surely the only reason can be economics. By diluting or adding something to their pure Noni they are intent only on saving money, by diluting their pure Noni juice with a cheaper by volume, additive!

Every process during production has a cost. Why add an extra process, when this must surely add to their bottom line? The only answer can be that this addition will somehow cut their costs, but how would this be possible, unless there was some cheating somewhere?

Don’t ponder over this practice — Just make sure you ONLY buy from an Apollo Noni Juice Distributor.

The cost of Apollo Noni Juice;

If we treat the growers and processors in the islands fairly, the cost of 100% Noni Juice is 10 times higher than commercially grown Fruit Juices. Collecting the fruit by hand, from the wild, is very labour intensive. Also, the scattered plantations in the Islands means the Ripe Noni Fruits have to be bought to a central location for sorting and placing into the fermentation barrels. Add the transportation cost between the outer islands and the main port island, and the Noni fruit eventually has a very high cost, compared to modern mass production orchard practices. This explains why 100% pure organic Noni juice is a lot more expensive than other conventionally grown and harvested fruit juices.

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