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Apollo Noni Juice 3 in 1 Combo

Apollo Noni Juice 3 in 1 Combo

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Apollo Noni Juice 900ml (Family Pack)


» Apollo Noni Juice Concentrate 900ML X 3
(Combo Box of 3 Apollo Noni Juice 900ml Bottles)
» Delivered in 6 to 7 Working Days
» Free Shipping in all over India
» Packed in Beautiful Hamper Pack<

Product Description

Specifications – 3 X Apollo Noni Juice Concentrate–900 ML
(Combo Box of 3 Apollo Noni Juice 900ml Bottles)

General Information
Brand: Apollo Noni
Type: Health Nutrition
For Unisex
Age Limit: All Age
Health Nutrition Details
Product Type: Juice
Quantity: 900ML X 3nos.

10ml Each
Aal (Noni) (Morinda Citrifolia): A.B. 600 g
Aloe Vera (Aloebarbadensis): A.B. 400 g
Amalaki (Amla) (Emblica Officinalis): A.B. 100 g
Trikatu (Garcinia Cambogia): A.B. 50 g
Aswangandha (Withania Somnifera): A.B. 200 g
Vidang (Embelia Ribes): A.B. 30 g
Brahmi (Centella Asiatica): A.B. 25 g
Rasayan Churna (Shastrok): A.B. 150 g
Grapes (Vitis Vinifera): A.B. 50 g
Flavared Syrup Base Q.S.
Colour: Caremal

Directions For Use:
Adult: 30ml (add 60ml warm water)
Children: 15ml (add 30ml warm water)

*Once a Day (if the person / patient is in normal condition)
*Twice a Day (if the person / patient is not in good health condition)

Additional Features:
100% Herbal No Side Effects
Shake Well Before Use
Keep in Cool Dark Place and Protect from Direct Sunlight

Package Contents
1 Noni Juice
1 Plastic Pet Bottle
1 Measure Cap
1 Information Booklet

Apollo Noni Juice Concentrate: 900ML X 3nos.
Product Category: Health Care Products
Brand: Apollo Noni


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