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Apollo Noni Handmade Soap 125 gm

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Apollo Noni Handmade Soap


» Apollo Noni Handmade Soap 125gm
» Completely made with natural ingredients
» Made with coconut oil
» Delivered in 6 to 7 Working Days
» Free Shipping in all over India

Product Description

Apollo Noni and Aloevera Handmade Soap 125 gm:
Engage in an invigorating cleansing and clarifying with Apollo Noni Handmade Soap. It’s crisp and fresh scent will enthrall your senses will work it’s magic and clear your skin free of any underlying germs. Noni is also famed for it’s healing actions of several skin ailments as well as revitalizing and refreshing tired and dull-looking skin. Apollo Noni Handmade Soap additionally also blends with aloevera along with noni, which further proves to have excellent detoxifying properties. For all the city folks out there, this might be your only chance to get rid of that heavy pollution which is dampening your glow!
  • Handmade soap with Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) and Alovera cleansing and revitalizing the skin
  • Handmade soap with carrier oils and extracts for soothing and moisturising properties
  • Chemical free ingredients offer a natural way to keep your skin blemish and acne free
  • Provides sun protection and moisture retention
  • The Active Base contains a unique blend of six pure and natural carrier oils, essential oils and extracts


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